“Mangia bene spende poco”

– eat well, spend little.

Le Marche is a farming region providing high quality produce for the creation of tasty, wholesome dishes. It is particularly well known for pecorino cheese (made from sheep’s milk), salame, truffles and honey. Local dishes include vincigrassi (type of lasagne), brodetto (fish soup), tortelli di San Leo (large ravioli filled with ricotta, spinach and aromatic herbs).

You will pleasantly surprised to discover that eating and drinking in Le Marche is delicious and affordable. The region’s varied countryside is reflected in the cuisine, which varies as much as the landscape.

Home Cooked Dinners!

While there are lots of great local restaurants, the best Italian meals are cooked at home. Why not let us arrange for Elide  to come over and prepare a truly delicious and authentic Italian meal for you? Using fresh local produce, she will prepare your meal, wait table, and clean up afterwards. A great night in!

Pizza Oven

Want to use the pizza oven, but don’t know how? We can provide written instructions to guide you through the process of firing up the oven. Soon you will be making pizza dough, preparing toppings and cooking the pizzas – the Italian way!


The Le Marche region is a Foodlovers delight. During the year there are many special events – a lot of them associated with food and wine.