Back in the 1700s the farmhouse would have been divided into three sections. The ground floor would have been used as stables for the farm animals; the middle floor provided the kitchen and living areas for the house and the top floor provided sleeping accommodation for the family.

Although the inside of the house is a beautiful mixture of wooden beams and modern appliances, it is still possible to experience some of the wonderful sounds heard back in those early days as the neighbouring sheep with bells around their necks are moved from their grazing fields to the milking shed. Sheeps’ milk is the basis for making pecorino cheese, for which Le Marche is famous.

The name Casa Principessa is derived from the surname of the original owner Signora Principessa. For over 40 years the property was unoccupied and gradually fell into a state of disrepair.

In 2005 restoration began and 2 years later Casa Principessa was once again a place for families and friends to gather. The property now includes 3 alfresco dining areas, magnificent pool, barbecue and original 150 yr old pizza oven. The main house consists of 3 levels and there is a 2-storey pool house. Also on the property is another 200 yr old building which has been made stable and safe but is not habitable and is not rented.